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Matsuba 1310 Series 5-153X Driveshaft Universal Joint 1.062" x 3.219"

Matsuba 1310 Series 5-153X Driveshaft Universal Joint 1.062" x 3.219"

Part # / SKU: 5-153XM

Brand: Matsuba

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(D)    1.062 / 27mm
(L)    3.219 / 81.8mm
Type    Outside Snap Rings

1310 Series

Part Interchanges

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    Chrysler 5161766AA
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    GMB 212-0153
    GMB 215-0153
    GMB G5-153X
    GMB G5-153XU
    GMB GU 1030
    General Motors 15617322
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    General Motors 89040339
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    Spicer 5785X
    Spicer 5810X
    Spicer DT153
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    Spicer SPL22-1X
    Perfect Circle 153
    SKF 1-0153
    SKF 1-1153
    SKF 28153X
    SKF 28153XB
    ACDelco 45U0107
    Ford 4L5Z-4635-BA
    Ford 6L2Z-4635-A
    Ford F2AZ4635A
    Mcquay-Norris U153
    ACDelco 45U0111
    ACDelco 45U0145
    GMB 10153BF
    GMB 10153G
    GMB 11153
    GMB 2AMGR694AB
    British Leyland 521HD
    British Leyland 521HDP
    British Leyland 521P
    Chrysler 2AMGR694AB
    Ford 4L5Z4635BA
    Ford 6L2Z4635A
    Autopar SPL221X
    Nissan 371263S526
    AUTOPAR A-153X
    AUTOPAR A-200X

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Outside Snap Rings

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