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1310 Series Driveshaft End Yoke PTO 1" Round Bore .250 Key 2-4-473


You are buying a Brand New End Yoke   Series 1310 Yoke Style SR Hub Diameter R 2.125 C/L To End Hub S 2.562 Type Straight Round Hole Outside Yoke Dimension (In) E 3.469 Yoke Bearing Dimension (In) D 1.062 Involute Spline N Hole Diameter (In) P 1.000 Sae Keyway Width...


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1310 Series Driveshaft End Yoke PTO 1" Round Bore .250 Key 2-4-473

1310 Series Driveshaft End Yoke PTO 1" Round Bore .250 Key 2-4-473