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OSR Spicer U-Joint fits 1965-1976 Land Cruiser 5-1509X / 5-3224X 1.123" x 3.059"


Brand New High-Quality Spicer Universal Joint1965-1976: Toyota Land Cruiser OEM Ref: 5-1509X, GUT14M Brand Spicer Greaseable Y Type OSR Style OEM Series Toyota Bearing Cap Diameter (1) 1.123 Bearing Cap Diameter(2) 1.123...

GUT20 Matsuba Universal joint for Toyota Driveshaft Repair 2.520" x 1.262"


GUT20M Universal joint for Toyota Driveshaft Repair 2.520" x 1.262"D 1.262G 2.520Type 3/Inside Snap RingRef:5-1511X UJ-234, 04371-36021, 04371-36020, BU10 & BU19

Driveshaft 5-1511X U-Joint 1.26" x 2.5" fits 1960-2019 Toyota Land Cruiser


You are buying a Brand-New Universal JointInside snap ring style - measured snap ring to snap ring 1960-2019: Toyota Land Cruiser  Universal Joint - GUT20 Greaseable Yes Type ISR Style OEM...

Superior Quality Universal Joint fits 1965-1976 Land Cruiser 5-1509X, 5-3224X


Brand New High-Quality Universal Joint1965-1976: Toyota Land Cruiser  Greaseable Y Type OSR Style Type 2 Bearing Cap Diameter  1.122 Snap Ring  3.06 VMRS 024002046 Snap Ring Type External Snap Ring...

Driveshaft Universal Joint for Toyota Landcruiser 1965-79 1.123" x 3.059" Type 2


This is a brand new aftermarket Universal Joint for: Toyota Landcruiser 1965-1976 It is interchangeable with OEM: 10014, 5-1509X, 51509X, 396, K1509, 04371-36010, 04371-36011, 04371-60010, 04371-60020 Please advise what position you...

Driveshaft Universal Joint for Toyota 4Runner 2WD 1990-04 29x49/ 1.142" x 2.047"


Toyota 4Runner 2WD 1990-2004 Driveshaft Universal Joint You are buying 1x brand new universal joint for: Toyota 4Runner 2WD 1990-2004 Specifications: Inside snap ring GUT21 (5-1510X) universal joints Toyota OEM...

Driveshaft Universal Joint 20mmx57mm fits Toyota Corolla GUT11 / 04371-13020


High-Quality Driveshaft Universal Joint  Fits Toyota Corolla Interchangeable with OEM: 04371-13020 Universal Joint (D) 0.788 (L) 2.260 Type 2 Outside snap ring universal joint Fast and Free shipping to USA Continental...

0.788 x1.496" Type 3 Japanese Matsuba Driveshaft Universal Joint ISR fits Toyota


You Are Buying A Brand New Matsuba Universal Joint(D)                     0.788(F)                      1.496Type                   3 OEM Ref: 37125-18025 Alt Refs: 51500X, 5-1500X, 10028, 1-0011, 10011Fast free USA mainland shippingNo hassle returnsHighest quality parts